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March, 1947
The individual Store ICHIYA: the clothing store is established at 51 Obiyamachi, Kochi-shi, Kochi.
June, 1952
ICHIYA Co., Ltd. is established with a capital of one million yen; considered an organization which expects exponentially positive future development.
October, 1973
The Head Office is relocated to 1-10-18 Obiyamachi, Kochi-shi, Kochi.
December, 1983
The Kitahonmachi store opens at 4 Kitahonmachi, Kochi-shi, Kochi as the first suburban store of men’s clothing (The business domain is changed into a barbecue restaurant: GYUHAN in October, 2000).
December, 1989
In order to implement the POS (point of sales) to all stores, ICHIYA enters into a contract with FUJITSU Co. Ltd. for computer systems.
August, 1990
The POS is introduced into all store locations, and the system of managing sales, purchasing management, and information systems are established.
November, 1990
ICHIYA makes CASA Co., Ltd. its subsidiary by acquiring 499 units of contribution. (CASA Co., Ltd becomes its 100% subsidiary by acquisition of the last one unit of contribution in June, 1991.)
October, 1992
The Gamou branch of the suburban clothing specialty store opens at the road side of Koshigaya Yashio Line of Minamicho, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama for the business area to expand. (the business domain is changed to the barbecue restaurant GYUHAN in June,2000).
April, 1994
ICHIYA’s stocks are registered with Japan Securities Dealers Association.
March, 1995
The company trade name is changed to ICHIYA Co., Ltd.
March, 1998
The Kazurashima branch who handles brand-name formal clothing opens at Kazurashima, Kochi-shi, Kochi.
November, 1999
The first barbecue restaurant: GYUHAN opens at Obiyamachi Kochi-shi, Kochi.(closed on January 2007.)
July, 2001
ICHIYA Co.,Ltd. starts Real Estate Business and forms a capital and business alliance with RTC Management Co.,Ltd.
September, 2001
ICHIYA Co.,Ltd. makes Ice Co.,Ltd.(the main business is food) its affiliate company. (transferred all units of contribution to Adoken Co., Ltd. on January 2003.)
June, 2003
ICHIYA Co., Ltd.enters into a contract with TCJ Co., Ltd: taking over the part of the TCJ’s Internet Service Business. (withdrawal from the business in February, 2004).
November, 2003
Capital participation to establish The Internet Super (FM-IC: old name. The main purpose of the management is similar to an online shopping mall).(liquidated on May 2008.)
December, 2004
ICHIYA Co., Ltd.cancels the store registration in Japan Securities Dealers Associations and lists itself on The JASDAQ Stock Exchange.(delisted on Jun 2009.)
October, 2005
ICHIYA Co., Ltd. makes VOUS (the main business is management of the beauty parlor) its consolidated subsidiary. CELESTE Co., Ltd (the main business is to plan weddings) becomes a sub-subsidiary. In April, 2006, ICHIYA Co., Ltd makes CELESTE a direct subsidiary.(transferred all shares of both companies on July 2007.)
January, 2006
ICHIYA Co., Ltd.makes SAHAZOROT Co., Ltd (a company of Russian Federation Sakha Republic: whose main objective is gold mining ) its equity method affiliate.
May, 2006
ICHIYA Co., Ltd.makes CHAMPION RESOURCES (the name changes to AUGUR RESOURCES Co., Ltd in August, 2006: an Australian company: the main business is mineral exploration) its equity method affiliate.
March, 2007
Ark Mines Ltd. is established as the result of the demerger of Augur Resources Ltd.
July, 2008
Rubis Ayagawa opens in AEON Ayagawa Shopping Center at Ayauta-gun, Kagawa.
May, 2009
CASA CO.,Ltd. is wound up.
June, 2009
ICHIYA Co., Ltd. is de-listed from JASDAQ Stock Exchange.
As of July 2009
Our clothing and restaurant businesses have opened stores in 10 locations.